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Marketing study “The state and prospects of the global market of triformethanphone acid and its derivatives”


Дата разработки: 27.10.2014

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Marketing study “The state and prospects of the global market of triformethanphone acid and its derivatives”


- Triformethanphonic acid

Chemical Formula: CF3SO3H

- Hodride triformethanphonic acid

Chemical Formula: (CF3SO2) 2O

CAS No.: 358-23-6

- trimethylilla triformethanfundat

Chemical Formula: C4H9F3O3SSI

CAS No.: 27607-77-8

- Lithium Triformettan sulfate

Chemical Formula: CF3SO3LI

CAS No.: 33454-82-9

1. The purpose of marketing research

Triflik products in the horizon until 2020.

2. The composition of marketing research

2.1. Characterization of products

Basic information about products sufficient for the development of MSDS, determining the necessary measures for storage, circulation, certification of products, its packaging, labeling, transportation, as well as ensuring labor protection, environmental protection, etc., including:

2.1.1. General information, synonyms;

2.1.2. Composition, chemical structure;

2.1.3. Methods of analysis of the main substance and impurities;

2.1.4. Security information;

2.1.5. Hazard identification;

2.1.6. Circulation and storage;

2.1.7. Toxicological and environmental information;

2.1.8. Information about packaging, labeling and transportation.

2.2. The use of products

Describe the areas of application of products, including a description of the products of further redistributions, its current position in the life cycle.

2.3. Product production methods

A brief description of the relevant (used by the main manufacturers) methods of production of products, including:

2.3.1. Production methods;

2.3.2. Patents (in the volume of the essay);

2.3.3. Overview of the raw material base for each product;

2.3.4. Review of the prices of key raw material components;

2.3.5. A review of the availability of key raw materials components (i.e., whether these components are made by these components or purchase from other manufacturers, whether the components from third -party suppliers are monopoly or not).

2.4. The world market of products

2.4.1. The situation in the market of products, trends in the horizon until 2020;

2.4.2. Statistics of import-export of products by regions: Europe, Asia, North America, others;

2.4.3. The structure of products consumption by industries and by areas of use;

2.4.4. Products of products including:

- full name, address;

- place of location of the production site (sites);

- main financial indicators: revenue, cost of sales, operating profit, EBITDA in dynamics since 2009 to the present;

- the volume of investments aimed at expanding the production of products, or planned;

- the presence of subsidiaries (strategic partners, exclusive distributors) in key sales markets responsible for promoting products;

- the market share for each product in dynamics from 2009 to the present, with the division by region: USA, Europe, Asia, others;

- in what packaging the products are supplied;

- What other thin/special chemicals produces.

2.4.5. World consumers of products, including:

- full name, address, contact information of the procurement department;

- what final products produces using products;

- the number of purchased products in dynamics since 2009 to the present;

- share in the market of final products made using products;

- the volume of investments aimed at expanding the production of final products made using products, or planned;

- What are the requirements for suppliers of raw materials.

- What are the requirements for the quality of products.

2.4.6. Forecast for the development of the market market;

2.4.7. Assessment of threats from the substitute products;

2.4.8. Assessment of threats from the new players in the market;

2.5. Product prices

Product prices in dynamics since 2009 to the present with the forecast, if possible, until 2020, and with the division by regions, sectors and areas of use.

The main factors affecting prices.

2.6. The market of the final products

The basic characteristics of markets of commercially significant final products, including:

3. Description of the markets of products of further redistributions by industries and areas of application;

4. Trends and prospects of markets for products of further redistributions.

File name: ТЗ-359-2014