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Promotion of phthated anhydride to the European market


Дата разработки: 02.02.2015

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Promotion of phthated anhydride to the European market

Stage 1. Formation of the database of potential customers for ftale anhydride in Europe.

In total, it is supposed to collect and provide general information about 200 end consumers by consumption segments. The following information will be provided for each company:

- Company name

- Specialization

- address and contact data

- reasons for the inclusion of the company in the base of potential customers.

Stage 2. The provision of expanded information on potential customers Ftale anhydride in Europe.

Provision of 100 expanded information for 100 companies:

- Contact details of a specialist engaged in the purchase of fluid anhydride

- Confirmation of the use in their activities

Stage 3. Identification and provision of information on companies interested in cooperation.

Carrying out negotiations with competent specialists of 30 potential consumers to identify the degree of interest in cooperation with the Russian company.

Information format:

- level of interest in the procurement of phthated anhydride from Russia

- Assortment of phthated anhydride, which is of interest in acquiring

- the composition of the information necessary for further negotiations

File name: ТЗ-51-2015