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Russian market of Proppantians


Дата разработки: 23.05.2017

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Russian market of Proppantians

1. The conjuncture of the sentence

1.1. The volume of supplies of foreign manufacturers 2015-2017, TN. Carbo Ceramics, Sintex, Norton Alcoa, Jereh, Saint-Gobain Sa, Haihua Industry, Wanli, Imerys, Sinopec, Mineracao Curimba and Ave.

1.2. Assessment of the production volume of Russian manufacturers 2015-2017,: FORES, BKO Borovichi Fireplam Carbo (Eurasia), Uralhimplast, Trekhgoren ceramic factory, Nika-PetrotEC, innovative oil technologies (Krasnoyarsk factory factory)

1.3. Analysis of the competitive environment (Russian and foreign manufacturers)

- Product characteristics

- Product price

- other types of products (tamponing cement, etc.)

- financial indicators (revenue, profit, etc.) in recent years

2. Conjuncture of demand for the largest consumers:

-Rosneft companies: Variganneftegaz PJSC, LLC SP Vanignneft, North-Variganskoye LLC, Ermakovskoye OJSC, Nizhnevartovskoye NGDP, Verkhnechonskneftegaz PJSC, RN-Krasnodarneftegaz LLC, Orenburgneft PJSC, PJSC LLC RN-Purneptegaz, JSC RN-Neaganneftegaz, JSC Rospan International, JSC Samaranneftegaz, Samotlorneftegaz JSC, Buguruslanneft LLC, RN-Stavropolneftegaz LLC, Tomskneft OJSC, LLC " RN-Uvatneftegaz, LLC RN-Yuganskneftegaz and LLC RN-Service

- Gazpromneft

- Surgutneftegaz

- Lukoil

- "Schlumberger)

- Halliburton

- Mekamineft (Mekami)

- Weatherford

-Fracjet-Volga frajet

- CWS International

- Packer Service (Packer Service)

- Irkurtsk Oil Company (Irkutsk Oil Company)

- Petrol Service LLC

- NewTech Well Service

- Rn-GRP

2.1. Data collection on large consumers (polls/tenders). Each company will indicate:

- type of consumption (directly or through contractors for hydraulic fracturing/service companies)

- used hydraulic fracturing technology (cluster technology with prompants (Proppant is served in the well alternately with special synthetic fiber), cluster technology with quartz sand, etc.)

- used types of promplos: "lightweight" proppantians, high -strength proppants, proppants with a coating of synthetic resins, the content of the main fraction, size: 12/18, 16/20, etc.

- criteria for choosing a Proppant supplier (price, price/quality, compliance with certain requirements, delivery time, different)

- reasons for choosing this manufacturer for the last time

2.2. Identification of consumers of the Proppant of Foreign Production

3. Analysis and conclusions

3.1. Proppant market parameters in Russia in 2015-2017. (volumes, market capacity, customers, market players, types of products produced in Russia and imported).

3.2. Analysis of the competitive environment, with a comparative analysis of products, service, accessible to the study of competitors' processes. Identification of market leaders. Comparative card for competitors and their products.

3.3. The prospects for the development of the hydraulic fracturing market,

3.4. Prospects for the consumption of Proppantians (threats from sand technology)

3.5. Processing Forecast for Proppantians

3.6. The most popular species of promp

3.7. Recommendations for further promotion

File name: ТЗ-172-2017