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Marketing study of the electrical equipment market


Дата разработки: 19.03.2014

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Marketing study of the electrical equipment market

List of equipment in directions:

- direction shield equipment

  1. CSO cells (6-10kv)-camera collections;
  2. Cruise complex distribution devices (6 /10 /35 kV);
  3. Complete distribution devices KRO (6 /10 /35 kV);
  4. Low -voltage complementary devices of the NKU rated voltage 0.4kV. Type of introductory-distribution devices (VRU), the main distribution shields (GRCC), control cabinets of pumping and fan installations, automatic reserve entry cabinets (ABR) on contactors or automatic circuits with motor drives, cabinets of operational direct current (SHPT), force panels ( SCH), lighting (ShO), camshafts (SHR), shields and control panels and automation;
  5. Low -voltage capacitor units UKRM -0.4 kV,
  6. High -voltage capacitor units Ukrm -6/10 kV

- Direction Complete equipment

  1. Complete transformer substations of CTP (complete transformer substations), 2CTP, BCTP. Purpose: It is a transformer substation of the external installation of a container type. CTP is designed to receive electrical energy of a three -phase alternating current of a frequency of 50 Hz with a voltage up to 35/6 (10) kV, transformation and distribution of electricity with a voltage of 0.69KV, 0.4 kV with a capacity of 25 kVs to 2500 kVA.
  2. BBMKVU block-modular electrical installation is designed to heat the air supplied in the production of coal mines, mines, as well as large industrial premises.
  3. Transformers with air-barrier insulation of "dry performance" such as vehicle nominal power from 100 to 1600 kV;
  4. Diesel-generator stations from 500 kVA and above;

- Direction of ACS TP

  1. Automation of the strip conveyors of mines, sections, and enrichment factories;
  2. Automated electricity accounting systems

Tasks Research:

- give a general description of the market and the markets adjacent to it;

- consider the structure of the market (including the volumes of domestic production, imports and exports; the ratio of leading players, price and consumer segmentation);

- describe the main trends and market development factors;

- overview of distribution schemes;

- present the profiles of the main market players;

- Provide the medium -term forecast of market development.

Preparation of a consolidated analytical report.

Design characteristics

Section 1. General characteristics of the market

1.1.? Current state of the market with equipment

1.2.? Market development factors

Section 2. Structural analysis

2.1.? The volume and structure of the market in natural terms

2.2.? Market segmentation in the context of assortment segmentation

2.3.? Segmentation of the market volume in the context of the origin of products (domestic/imported)

2.4.? Market segmentation in the context of manufacturers

2.5.? Import of equipment

2.5.1.? Equipment imports in the context of assortment segmentation

2.5.2.? Equipment imports segmentation in the context of origin

2.5.3.? Equipment imports segmentation in the context of manufacturers

2.6.? Domestic production in the equipment market

2.6.1.? Section of domestic production of equipment in the context of assortment segmentation

2.6.2.? Currication segmentation of equipment in the context of manufacturers

2.7.? Structural map of the market

2.8.? Price segmentation (description of the upper, middle, lower price segments)

2.9.? Consumer segmentation (shared ratio of the main groups of consumers (%), consumer ratio in the context of the regional focus, equipment selection criteria)

Section 3. Profiles of key manufacturers (from 5 to 10 profiles for each group of equipment list), including:

Certificate of company

Product range

Market share

Geography of sales

Conclusions and forecasts of market development

File name: ТЗ-97-2014