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Studies of the market for secure mobile devices (ZMU)


Дата разработки: 11.02.2014

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Studies of the market for secure mobile devices (ZMU)

Research methodology:

1. Review of the foreign market:

1.1. Review of similar foreign secure mobile devices

1.2. Clarification of segments of consumption (industries) using secure mobile devices

2. The impact of the import of foreign secure mobile devices

3. Potential demand for secure mobile devices in Russia

3.1. Target segments of secure mobile devices taking into account Russian specifics

3.2. List of potential customers in target segments

3.3. Comparative table of secure mobile devices with analogues.

3.4. Experience of operating protected mobile devices by clients

3.5. Tasks for secure mobile devices,

4. The most interested in the ZMA customers,

File name: ТЗ-46-2014