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Research on the market of transformers and substations


Дата разработки: 16.04.2013

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Research on the market of transformers and substations

Commodity borders - three -phase oil -power transformers of TMG with a capacity of 16-2500 kvar with a voltage of up to 20 kV (hereinafter referred to as "transformers")

1. Production of transformers

1.1. Production of transformers to individual enterprises:

  • Group of Companies "Electroshit" -tm Samara "
  • Production complex HC Electrozavod
  • Small -voltage equipment plant
  • Togliatti transformer
  • Transformer
  • Energomash (Yekaterinburg) - Uralalektrotyazhmash
  • Ramensky Electrotechnical Plant Energy
  • Pskovelektrosvar
  • Energy - Cheboksary experimental plant

1.2 total production of transformers

1.3 The most popular transformers

2. Import and export of transformers in

2.1. The total volume of imports of transformers into Russia

2.2. Distribution of transformers imports in power, manufacturers, importers

2.3. Prices for imported transformers in the most popular capacities

2.4. The total export of transformers to Russia

2.5. Distribution of export of transformers in power and manufacturers

2.6. Prices for exported transformers in the most popular capacities

3.1 Calculation of market capacity in natural terms

3.2 Distribution of the structure of sales of transformers in the country of origin

3.3 Assessment of the impact of imports on the market of transformers

3.4 Prices for the most running modeling transformers

3.5 Forecast of demand for transformers

File name: ТЗ-168-2013