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Studying the market of cast -iron heating boilers


Дата разработки: 18.03.2013

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Studying the market of cast -iron heating boilers

The purpose of the study is to assess the market capacity.

1. Production of cast -iron heating boilers

Composition of manufacturers:

  • Lemax
  • Zhukovsky Machine -Building Plant
  • Kirovsky Plant
  • Factory Conord
  • Borisoglebsky Boiler and Mechanical Plant
  • Omskoye according to the Irtysh and others.

1.1. The total production of cast -iron heating boilers

1.2. Distribution of production volumes in the context of power

1.3. Assessment of the impact of imports on the market of heating cast iron boilers,

2. Import of cast -iron heating boilers in 2012

2.1. General import of cast -iron heating boilers (including the Minsk Plant of Heating Equipment)

2.2. Distribution of imports by manufacturers, type of fuel and power.

2.3. Prices for imported cast -iron boilers in the context of power, dollars/pcs

3. Assessment of the capacity of the market of cast -iron heating boilers in monetary and natural terms

File name: ТЗ-117-2013