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Study of the Russian market of innovative vehicle monitoring devices


Дата разработки: 05.10.2012

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Study of the Russian market of innovative vehicle monitoring devices

Research tasks:

1. Assessment of the potential of the Russian market of innovative device

2. Determination of the most promising channels of market promotion:

2.1. Dealers (trading companies)

2.1.1. Third -party trading companies for the implementation of individuals and legal entities

2.1.2. Own regional network of representative offices

2.2. Retail

2.2.1. Own online store

2.2.2. Tint Networks (Auto and Motodilers)

2.2.3. Specialized auto parts stores

2.2.4. Online stores of related goods (expedition, etc.)

2.2.5. Mobile communications salons

2.2.6. Insurance companies

3. Determining the optimal vacation price of an innovative product for the Russian market

Research methods:

1. Benchmarketing of foreign manufacturers of similar goods (promotion channels)

2. Evaluation of the market potential through the assessment of the car park of the target group of potential customers and the potential level of penetration of the new product in several ways

3. Expert interviews with representatives of companies of various promotion channels (identifying the level of interest and assessment of an acceptable level of input price)

File name: ТЗ-401-2012