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RFID market research in Russia


Дата разработки: 06.09.2012

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RFID market research in Russia

The study of the Russian market for RFID components adapted for harsh climatic conditions and for the difficult conditions of escape.

Technical characteristics of the product.

The RFID system includes

  • Identification (marking) device
  • Reading device
  • Antenna for a reader

Features of RFID components

  • UHF Action Radius (860-960 MHZ), Standard EPC Gen2
  • There is no need for active nutrition of the marking device
  • The ability to work under temperature conditions from -30 to +50 s
  • Protecting the outer layer in accordance with the IEC 65 IEC standard
  • The possibility of reliable fixing of devices on tanks and other metal objects and structures
  • It is possible to preserve all the necessary characteristics of the marking device when attaching to metal (RFID AUF Metall - ROM);
  • The case of the marking device is protected from mechanical damage
  • The possibility of identifying mobile objects
  • The ability to read at a distance of at least 10 meters
  • The ability to read the marking device using two reading antennas at once to avoid probability not to count the marking device

Product functions

Recognition of a large amount of cargo and means of transportation (for example, metal tanks, tankers, trucks) in a state of movement under difficult climatic conditions and the conditions of exparction.

Features of application:

Logistics, property management, and other

The goals of market research

Market research:

  • Review of the state of the domestic market and its features, as well as the main external factors of influence
  • Market volume, dynamics, forecast for the trace. 35 years
  • Market trends (development directions)
  • Interpretation for European manufacturers of RFID components in the Russian market
  • The influence of the state sector and other structures of a similar area of ​​activity to the market

The study of the structure of consumption

  • Market segmentation, choice and description of the target segment of the final consumer

  • The structure of existing and potential buyers of RFID components, adapted for strict climatic conditions and escort conditions;
  • Description of the main customers and potential customers
  • Buyer decision factors
  • Sensitivity to price

Research of a competitive environment

  • Features of the competitors market in Russia: the level of competition, the number of competitors, structure, the main competitors in the target segment of the market, competitive barriers

  • Analysis of the main competitors in the target segment: history of work in the Russian market, market volume, development dynamics, sales structure, other parameters indicating the strengths and weaknesses of competitors
  • The pricing policy of competitors in the Russian market, RFID components in competition, price range

The main features of the organization of the enterprise in the market

  • Features of the organization and direct sales

  • Features of current procurement in the Russian market (marketing capabilities, distribution channels)
  • Features of the interaction of market participants with intermediaries (design institutions, mounters, system integrators, etc.
File name: ТЗ-355-2012