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Study of the Russian cable market with fluoropolymer insulation


Дата разработки: 17.08.2012

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Study of the Russian cable market with fluoropolymer insulation

1. Production of cables and wires with

1.1 Cable production volume with fluoropolymer isolation in 2011 or 2012

1.2 Assessment of changes in cable demand with fluoropolymer insulation

1.3 Distribution of demand by type of isolation (share) and trends of changes in shares

1.4 Forecast of its own production for 2013

1.5 The purpose of produced cables with fluoropolymer insulation

1.6 of the reasons for the lack of interest in the production of such products, as well as clarifying the possibility and/or plans to launch the production of cable with fluoropolymer insulation,

2. Analysis of imports in the Russian Federation of cable with fluoropolymer insulation

2.1. The total volume of cable imports with fluoropolymer insulation

2.2. Distribution of imports by type of cable with fluoropolymer insulation

2.3. Distribution of imports over countries of origin

2.4. Distribution of imports by manufacturers

2.5. Distribution of imports by recipients

2.6. Declared prices for the imported cable with fluoropolymer insulation

3. Conclusions

3.1 Calculation of the current market capacity

3.2 Study of demand in consuming industries (warm floor, etc.)

3.3 demand

File name: ТЗ-344-2012