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Study of the market of thin -film photoelectric converters (FEP)


Дата разработки: 11.11.2011

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Study of the market of thin -film photoelectric converters (FEP)

1. Market analysis

1.1. The volume of target market markets in retrospective and forecast.

1.2. Trends. Development forecast.

1.3. Territory of demand, points of growth of supply for Russian and foreign markets.

1.4. Market drivers: general economic, technological and political factors of influence on the market, barriers of entry and exit

1.5. Average market indicators of margin and main multipliers

1.6. Related markets: competition in the markets of suppliers of raw materials and equipment for market participants, the price and availability of production factors, demand factors, a list of key suppliers and consumers

1.8. Risk assessment

1.9. Barriers of the entrance to the market

2. Competitive analysis

2.1. Key market participants: market shares, development strategies, business models. Forecast of the market share to photoelectric converters

2.2. The dynamics of competitors' products, existing analogues, in retrospective and forecast

2.3. Strengths and weaknesses of competitors, comparative characteristics

2.4. The list of companies-manufacturers, indicating the volume of production/market lobes, place of production, addresses of the site of competing companies

2.5. Analogs and replacement products, technical characteristics, areas of application, consumer qualities. Competitors offering replacement products.

2.6. The main distribution channels of the main market players.

2.7. State subsidies and programs, participation of competitors in these programs for support and financing.

2.8. Information about current trends in science and technology, the level of development in this field. The list of developing companies indicating the stage (research, prototype) and the development location.

3. Search and study of buyers of thin -film PEP

3.1 Analysis of solvent demand and potential consumers

3.2 Description of possible consumers and market growth points.

3.3 data for market segmentation.

3.4 Present requirements for consumers FEP

3.5 compliance/superiority of the project product

3.6 Switching costs for consumers with FEP of one manufacturer to a similar from another manufacturer

4. Conclusions and recommendations

File name: ТЗ-550-2011