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Study of the global additive market


Дата разработки: 23.12.2019

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Study of the global additive market

Analysis of the global additive market and development prospects.

Analysis of trends and assessment of the development of the global additive market.

Forecast for the development of the additive market.

Factors affecting the additive market

Analysis of the needs of additives depending on the use, function and chemical class, and growth prospects for various products

Analysis of demand for additives by regions and demand forecast until 2023.

Analysis of the composition of additives and processing norms for various lubricants and regional differences

Analysis and forecast of the influence of new levels of quality and basic components on additives

The supply chain of additives from suppliers, components to packaging companies

Profiles of leading suppliers of additives and their positioning

Prospects for the development of the additive market and problems for manufacturers and sellers

The period of reflection of the actual data:

The forecast period

Part I. Classification of suction

Part II. Market Review

Part III. Additives to motor oils:

Oils for automatic transmission

Mechanical transmission oils

Motor oils for heavy -loaded diesel engines

Motor oil for gasoline and light diesel engines

Hydraulic liquids for agricultural machinery

Motor oils for two -stroke engines

Part IV. Additives for lubricating liquids

Stamping liquids

Anti -corrosion (conservation) liquids

Fluids for washing the coolant supply system

Ongoing fluids for production and conservation

Part V. The additive to oils for industrial engines

Ship oils

Gas piston oils

Oils for heavy loaded diesel engines railway transport

Other oils for industrial engines

Part VI. Additives to industrial oils

Compressor and refrigerator oils

Hydraulic liquids


Turbine oils

Other industrial oils

Part VII. Supervision for plastic lubricants

Part VIII. Additives to technological oils

Part IX. Functional additives


Anti -corrosion (corrosion inhibitors)


Dispersing (anticoagulation)


Abstract, anti -sympathetic


Modifiers of viscosity

Other additives

Chat X. Suppliers

Afton Chemical Corporation



Chevron Oronite


Dog Chemie

Dover Chemical





Jinzhou Kangtai

King Industries

Lanxess (Covers Rhien Chemie, Chemtura)



RT Vanderbilt


Tianhe Chemical Group

Wuxi South Petroleum

File name: ТЗ-461-2019