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Research of the market of individual liquefied hydrocarbon gases


Дата разработки: 15.01.2018

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Research of the market of individual liquefied hydrocarbon gases

Geography of the study

The studied products:

  • Normal pentane brand a
  • Isopentan of the brand b
  • Normal booth brand a
  • Object of the brand a

1. Analysis of prices

1.1. The level of purchase prices and quality of products purchased from different manufacturers.

1.2. Comparison of selling prices of various manufacturers, taking into account the qualitative characteristics

2. Assessment of the current and potential volume of demand for the studied products, including an assessment of the volume of supplies from other countries in the following regions:

  • Ukraine
  • Europe (including the Baltic countries). Allocation and assessment of demand in the most significant consumer countries

3. The identification of the closest alternative products for the studied products in the regions of the project. Assessment of demand potential.

4. The forecast of "input" prices for studied and alternative products in the most promising regions of sales.

5. Conclusions and recommendations for the implementation of individual liquefied hydrocarbon gases

File name: ТЗ-1-2018