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Review of the liquefied natural gas market for the fleet


Дата разработки: 08.11.2010

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Review of the liquefied natural gas market for the fleet

  1. Developers of ship engines operating on liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  2. Requirements of the developers of ship engines according to LNG parameters
  3. Manufacturers of ship engines operating on LNG
  4. Design organizations by shipbuilding
  5. Shipyard for the construction of vessels using LNG
  6. Shipyard for the construction of auxiliary bunker vessels
  7. Shipyard for converting fuel oil engines into gas
  8. Changing the regulations of inspections and repairs of ships when switching to LNG
  9. Manufacturers of specialized refueling equipment for the conjugation of coastal storage facilities (terminals) with the courts
  10. Requirements of the International Maritime Organization in relation to the quality parameters of ship fuel oils, the timing of the start of the requirements
  11. Plans for oil refining companies to improve the quality of ship fuel oils
  12. Increase in the cost of ship fuel oils in connection with the improvement of their characteristics
  13. EU directives stimulating the transition from ship fuel oils to LNG
  14. The ability to familiarize yourself with the current terminals of LNG and courts at LNG
  15. Map of coastal storage facilities LNG
  16. Comparison of the economic costs of maintenance of ships working on fuel oil and LNG
  17. The rates of insurance companies when insurance of ships working on fuel oil or LNG
  18. Experture of the operation of river ships on LNG
  19. Plans of European countries, the USA and Canada to create infrastructure for LNG ships
  20. Associations and public organizations advocating the use of LNG
File name: ТЗ-498-2010