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Research of the Biouchel market


Дата разработки: 18.11.2019

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Research of the Biouchel market

1. Qualitative characteristics of the bioculture and promising technologies of its production:

1.1. The requirements of the energy limines for the biogulus, which should be used together/instead of stone/brown coal (grinding, resistance to moisture, heat -intensive ability, other properties).

1.2. Biouchel production technologies offered in the market (biomass torreification).

2. Trends and development prospects, drivers and barriers to the development of the Bio -Gula market in the European Union:

2.1. Promising markets for bioculon.

2.2. Promising bio -proxy consumers in the context of European countries and energy conditions.

2.3. A map of promising European power plants for the use of bio -pot.

2.4. Incentives for the use of bio -pot (subsidies, tax benefits, etc.).

3. Assessment of the potential volume of the biochell market in the EU:

3.1. Potential capacity of the EU bio -Gozhota market

3.2. Precedent implemented transactions for the supply of bio -pot.

3.3. Implemented and planned projects for the production of bio -pot in the countries of the European Union.

3.4. Implemented and planned projects for the production of bio -pot, focused on export to the countries of the European Union.

3.5. Justification of the choice of promising countries for using biofluzha and for a full -format study in selected countries.

4. Economic factors for substitutions of stone/brown coal by other types of fuel (including bioglle) in the European Union:

4.1. Review of world prices for stone/brown coal.

4.2. The forecast for the development of coal generation until 2040.

4.3. Obligations to reduce coal/brown coal consumption in individual countries and their influence on the consumer of thermal/electric energy.

4.4. Excise taxes on the burning of stone/brown coal for the production of heat and electricity in countries. The value and procedure for accruing excise taxes for different categories of consumers of thermal/electric energy.

4.5. Access of excise taxes: distribution of the tax load in the production of electric and thermal energy by one object of generation. How to control the accrual of excise taxes.

4.6. Accounting for the use of renewables when accruing excise taxes.

4.7. Payments for greenhouse gas emissions.

4.8. Income from the sale of "carbon loans" as a result of replacing stone/brown coal to a biode.

4.9. The costs of the production of electricity and heat with various scenarios of replacement of fossil coal (natural gas, biodegol, other renewable energy sources), taking into account capital and operating costs.

4.10. What types of coal generating objects will benefit more from the use of bio -iron (condensation power plants / thermal power plants, by type of combustion / generation technologies)?

4.11. The structure of costs during the generation of thermal and electric energy.

4.12. The competitive value of the bioculon when replacing stone/brown coal on the basis of information about the structure and value of costs, taking into account paragraphs. 4.4.-4.11.

5. Noneconal factors:

5.1. The impact of the use of renewable reinforced concrete (biomass/bioculture) on the relations of the energy conditions with the public, shareholders and governments of countries/regions.

5.2. The possibility of prolonging the service life of coal power plants planned for closing, with a partial or full transition to a biode.

5.3. The impact of the use of renewable reinforced concrete (biomass/bioculon) on the capitalization of energy conditions.

File name: ТЗ-412-2019