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Overview of the petrochemical and chemical sectors of the Russian Federation


Дата разработки: 09.11.2020

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Overview of the petrochemical and chemical sectors of the Russian Federation

1. Classification of chemical and petrochemical products
2. Review of the chemical industry of Russia
  • General description and general characteristics (current);
  • Main manufacturers (indicating the volume of output);
  • The presence of raw materials in Russia (deposits, reserves, owners);
  • Export potential;
  • Factors that contribute to the growth of the market of chemistry and chemical products of Russia.
3. The structure of the Russian chemical product market
  • General demand for chemical products in Russia (in dynamics, over the past 5 years, cost, volume, types of chemical products);
  • The share of public procurement / private sector (%, cost, volume; over the past 5 years);
  • Industry consumption with the release of the main consumers of chemical products (%, cost, volume; over the past 5 years);
  • Determination of the main buyers / retail sellers, industry associations and groups, including key influential persons;
  • A set of main purchased goods and services;
  • Price structure;
  • Sales channels.
4. detailed analysis of Russian imports
  • TOP-10 imported goods and top 10 importers of these goods (4- or 6-digit code HS, its value, volume, %);
  • TOP-10 importer companies (indicating the positions of imports, volume, cost, exporter and brief description of the company);
  • Logistics: main points (ports) of entry, vehicles, involved companies.
5. Rules and obstacles
  • Russia's strategy for the chemical sector;
  • Barriers for entering the Russian market (tariff / non -tariff).
6. Opportunities for a separate country
  • Analysis of the trade in chemicals with Russia over the past 5 years;
  • Assessment of the potential of trade between Russia in the sector - analysis of demand and offer (potential positions for trade, volume, cost, competitors, prospects);
  • Specific steps that a separate country should take in order to occupy a large share in the Russian market in this sector;
  • Investment projects;
  • Regional analysis - which regions offer more opportunities for companies from a separate country.
Applications to the report:
  • State structures involved in the chemical industry in Russia;
File name: ТЗ-2020-392