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Selection of coal suppliers in Russia


Дата разработки: 03.10.2012

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Selection of coal suppliers in Russia

Objective of the project:

Tasks and stages of the project:

Section "Deposits"


Stage 1.All

  • Company specialization: coal production in an open way
  • Location: Siberian FOR, Ural FOR, Far Eastern FOR
  • Not included and do not belong to large coal holdings (SUEK, etc.)

Stage 2.

  • Name
  • Efractor information, site
  • The scale of activity (million dollars) 2009-2011
  • The structure of the company
  • History of creation
  • License
  • Democrated deposit
  • Coal production volume per year
  • The main customers
  • Characteristics of coal produced (calorie content, volatility, ash, sulfur content)
  • Experience of coal export to other countries, including Korea, Japan, Taiwan (ports, regularity)
  • Interest in long -term cooperation with foreign partners from Korea and Japan
  • The price of coal that is ready to offer with long -term export contracts
  • Contact person authorized to negotiate export

Stage 3.

  • calorie content of at least 6,000 kcal/kg,
  • Flying 30-35%,
  • ash content of not more than 15%,
  • The sulfur content is not more than 0.5%.

As a result of this stage, the available information on the company will be confirmed, and additional information is provided:

  • List of managers (TOP - managers)
  • Contact information TOP - managers
  • Expert assessment of the level of competence

Negotiations with representatives of no more than 5 companies will be held.

Section "Ports"

1. Identification of all Russian companies that shipped coal over the past 2 years in Korea, Japan or Taiwan. Providing information on identified companies:

  • The name of the Sender company
  • Contractor
  • Deposit/name of the mine where coal was mined
  • Port Perevalka (product delivery point)
  • Foreign company recipient of coal
  • Characteristics of exported coal
  • The volume of coal exports in Nat. and den. expression (2010-2011)
  • Distance from coal deposit to the port of the pass

2. Collection and provision of information on all identified ports of transshipment

  • Power and level of use
  • Equipment of berths (length, current depth, specialization (cargo), mechanization (taps))
  • Owners
  • The largest coal suppliers
  • Rates
  • Development plans

File name: ТЗ-396-2012