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Price analysis

Determination of market prices is a key element of market analysis, is carried out both as part of complex research and is provided as an independent service.

Depending on time:
- Clarification of retrospective prices;
- Determination of current market prices;
- Building a price forecast.

1. Finding Back Prices
Historical prices are required in the following cases:
1.1 Designing formula pricing
1.2 Justification of price changes for raw materials, studied products or processed products
1.3 Identification of correlation dependencies between external factors and price for making forecasts
1.4 When controlling/auditing purchase prices
1.5 Proceedings in various instances: the validity or invalidity of prices for the Federal Antimonopoly Service, tax authorities, arbitration courts.
2. Determination of current market prices
Determining current market prices is more often necessary in situations like this:
2.1 Monitoring competitor activity
2.2 Determination of the initial maximum contract price (IMCP)
2.3 Finding new business opportunities — assessing the feasibility of entering the market
2.4 Formation of pricing policy — recommended and selling prices, the level of discounts and the conditions for their provision.
3. Building a price forecast — most often used in pre-investment studies, preparation of feasibility studies and business plans.
Demand fluctuations, as well as plans to create new plants or close old ones, have the greatest impact on the forecast.
Depending on the situation, market prices are taken into account:
- delivery basis for pricing;
- influence of seasonality on pricing;
- prices of substitute goods;
- dependence of the scale of supplies on the price level;
- logistics costs for transportation;
- perceived level of quality;
- special requirements for storage conditions (perishable goods, products of various hazards);
- value significance for the consumer;
- originality and/or innovativeness of products.

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