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Selection of suppliers

Building a register of promising suppliers and contractors.
Usually, all companies conduct the selection and selection of suppliers on their own in 2 stages:
- a wide range of suitable providers are determined in the preliminary phase;
- during the qualifying phase, a supplier is selected based on price and non-price factors.
When there are few suitable suppliers in the pre-phase, the challenge is to identify ALL SIGNIFICANT suppliers or contractors. In this case, together with the Customer, the criteria for selecting suppliers are determined.

Suppliers are searched according to agreed criteria.
Result format may include:
- manufacturer or contractor name
- description of the product or service offered, specifications and features,
- related services and service
- reference list and/or customer testimonials
- performance indicators (production, financial, quality, integral)
- contact persons and contact details (website, phone, email)
Alfa Bank 
Alfa-Bank, having an extensive branch network in Russia, has unified the purchased range of electrical products and identified its reliable manufacturers.
The Industrial Information Agency was tasked with – in each segment under study (generator sets, uninterruptible power supplies and other electrical products), it is necessary to find alternative suppliers that would have predefined capabilities: wide representation in Russia, reliability of supplies, the possibility of service or repair, compliance with other specific requirements.
The task was solved by us, Alfa-Bank was pleased with the results.
Rospan International
"Rospan International" (part of Rosneft Oil Company) is actively developing oil fields: the company's fixed assets for 6 years (from 2012 to 2018) increased 13 times, from 13.5 to 174.7 billion rubles, the company's revenue for the same period increased more than by 3.5 times - from 14 to 51 billion rubles.
The explosive growth of Rospan International required a quick selection of reliable contractors for the construction of special and standard oil infrastructure facilities.
In accordance with the task set by Rospan, the Industrial Information Agency has prepared a "Rating of 200 construction companies in the oil and gas sector". See recommendation.
Sakhalin Energy Investment Company
"Sakhalin Energy Investment Company" ("Sakhalin-2"), part of the Gazprom Group of Companies, is the operator of offshore oil and gas fields and the operator of Russia's first plant for the production of LNG (liquefied natural gas) with a capacity of 9.6 million tons. per year.
"Sakhalin Energy" decided to introduce modern wireless means of control of technological processes. This task could be quickly solved by foreign companies, but the US sanctions against all contractors of Russian offshore fields complicated the task.
Industrial Information Agency provided Sakhalin Energy with a wide range of Russian integrators and manufacturers of wireless solutions.
For Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Another project was completed jointly with the engineering company "Gazprojectengineering". "Gazprojectengineering" undertook to implement the concept for the development of Block II of the Piltun area of the Piltun-Astokhskoye field.
The task of the Industrial Information Agency (in the context of economic sanctions against all offshore projects) was to identify potential general contractors with experience in the design and construction of fixed offshore oil and gas platforms.
In 2012, Gazprom's Corporate Cost Management Department (CEM) noticed that very few companies participate in some announced tenders for the purchase of transport services.
DUKZ decided to involve the Industrial Information Agency to identify all significant regional companies providing transport services in the YaNAO, Far Eastern Federal District and Southern Federal District. The Industrial Information Agency has fulfilled its task in full.
DUKZ not only invited identified companies to participate in tenders, but also held meetings with representatives of potential contractors, at which the reality of winning tenders was explained.
As a result, the number of participants in public tenders by Gazprom and its affiliates has increased significantly.
Foreign company not allowed to reveal its name
Collection of information on sunflower oil producers in Russia and Ukraine as part of the search for suppliers of raw materials (sunflower oil waste) for a biofuel plant.
Thus, by expanding the range of suppliers, companies ensure cost minimization in the long run.
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