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Data collection for feasibility studies and business plans

Market data is collected to prepare feasibility studies and business plans:

  • potential sales volume;
  • Demanded product features;
  • price level;
  • demand seasonality;
  • production channels;
  • forecast of changes in demand and price levels.

In addition, other activities are carried out to collect the necessary information for calculations:

  • determination of the composition of potential suppliers of raw materials, materials, components and equipment;
  • clarification of the cost of raw materials, materials, components and equipment;
  • determination of the cost of delivery of raw materials and finished products;
  • assessment of the availability of raw materials, taking into account the limitation of the production capacity of suppliers;
  • finding out the cost of energy resources (electricity, heat, gas), water in the project region;
  • Studying the market for by-products;
  • collection of "comfortable" emails from potential buyers;
  • definition of support for investment projects in the project region;
  • studying the possibility of using tax incentives when importing unique equipment;
  • Formulation of formula pricing (between raw materials and finished products);
  • identifying risks and building a program of anti-risk measures.

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