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Research cost

The cost of the study, as a rule, starts from 100 thousand rubles and is determined individually. Factors such as:

  • commodity boundaries (the number of items studied) and the level of detail of the nomenclature,
  • features of the product and market under study, including the availability and composition of substitute products,
  • the presence of a non-commodity market (consumption by the producer),
  • the possibility of indirect estimates (for example, through consumption coefficients)
  • composition of tasks to be solved,
  • geography of the study,
  • hindsight, including or excluding forecasts,
  • time and budget constraints,
  • source information availability,
  • necessity and degree of interfacing with the Customer's materials,
  • our experience with similar markets or challenges.

The ratio of tasks and costs of open access research:






Bioprotein Market Research

609 000

Russian and global MRI market research

1 818 000

Research of the Russian market of compounds of metals and elements

400 000
2019 Rating of the 200 largest construction companies operating in the Russian construction market in the oil and gas sector 990 000
2019 Market research of the market as part of the development of a feasibility study for the creation of a gas chemical complex in Sayano -Irkutsk support territory for development. 4 699 000
2018 Information materials on "LNG sales: pricing, promising sales directions": 495 000

Market research: Russian and CIS propylene market; market of diisopropyl ether and octane-boosting additives for motor fuels

489 700

Market research: propylene market in Russia and the CIS; market of diisopropyl ether and octane-boosting additives for motor fuels

489 700

Liquefied petroleum gas market research

354 000

Research of the accounting services market in certain regions of the Russian Federation

1 215 400

Assessment of the level of consumer satisfaction FSUE «Goznak» for 2015

649 000

Research on the world level of technology and development trends in the Russian market of halogen-free compounds for various industries

1 685 000

Research of publicly available information resources of the Russian venture capital market

1 062 000

Heating systems market research

767 000

Assessment of the market prospects of the "electronic language system

519 200