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Control — one of the main functions of the control system.
With the help of checks, the manager can evaluate the results of the implementation of management decisions, identify deviations in the functioning of various services, make decisions to optimize business processes, obtain information to assess the quality of work, and obtain an alternative opinion on already known aspects or documents.

Industrial Information Agency review experience:
1. Checking the feasibility of the marketing part of the business plan or feasibility study, including the validity of demand in the financial model;
2. Audit of purchase prices or Validity assessment of pricing;
3. Quality control of the work of the sales department (control of compliance with the corporate sales standard);
4. Dealer loyalty control;
5. Customer satisfaction evaluation;
6. Brand awareness assessment;
7. Benchmarking (competitiveness, production units, functions and processes);
8. Checking the quality of conducted or acquired market research.

Feedback allows leaders to make informed decisions about corrective action.

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