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Quite often, our clients have a similar situation: there are many relevant issues and new ideas for their business, but at the same time it turns out to be difficult to express all their thoughts in a clear structure, or to get to the bottom to the main problem. As a result, on our part, there may also be a misunderstanding of the importance and priorities of some issues over others. In order to avoid this, save time and focus on the most important, we use a market research request brief in our work.

It is a unified request form containing several fields for the client to fill in, which helps him formulate his tasks in a structure that will later be understandable and convenient for discussion by both parties. Many marketing agencies use their research forms. Our brief is no worse and no better than – it is simply an effective tool at the stage of formation of the terms of reference.

You can download the request brief from the link and fill it out at a convenient time for you. Also, you can fill out application form for marketing research and send it right away.

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