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Answer: Information from more than 500 Russian and foreign databases (state committees of statistics (including unofficial channels), Federal Customs Committees of Russia, CIS countries, declared data from tax authorities, databases of European and international trade, etc.) data of state and commercial registers; Results of in-depth, expert and legendary interviews with market participants; Data from specialized specialized Russian and international publications; Accumulated information on more than 2000 completed Projects and an internal database of experts (more than 4 thousand contact persons for various industrial markets).
Answer: Methods and data sources are prescribed in the Terms of Reference and the Annex to the Agreement. For most of the markets we study, there is no open data on the Internet on all issues.
Answer: We always indicate sources of information, calculation methods, forecasting methods. If necessary, we provide initial data (selections from databases, audio recordings, etc.).
Answer: The confidentiality of the information provided is prescribed in the Agreement. Fulfillment of obligations under contracts for 20 years of work is confirmed by the absence of lawsuits (see Arbitration website). We are interested in long-term relationships with our clients. Most of the ongoing Projects are related to the study of narrow markets or specific tasks of certain Customers.
Answer: It is possible, in this case it is desirable to fill out the Brief to specify the objectives of the study. We always go to meet our Customers and are ready to recognize tasks even from the "voice" and prepare the initial version of the Terms of Reference, which you can correct if necessary.
Answer: The price for the research depends on the specifics of the product and the market, on the tasks of the Customer, on the methods and laboriousness of collecting information, on the available experience, and on the urgency of providing it. For example, the cost of a study to identify the capacity of the cement market is several times lower than a similar task for wireless sensors.
Answer: Finished studies in most cases are review in nature without a detailed and thorough analysis. The Contractor is not responsible for providing incorrect information. Ready-made studies do not take into account the specifics of the products and tasks of the Customer (For example, the Customer needs detailed data on the market for engines of a certain power and their consumers, general data on the market for all engines will not allow making an informed management decision.
Answer: The difference is due to different research methods (including sources of information, number of successful interviews), which affect the quality. If the methods are not specified by the Contractor, it is incorrect to compare the cost. For example, the price of a car of even the same brand can differ significantly, and only a complete indication of the configuration will explain the difference. Without clarifying the methods, ordering a study focusing only on the price level is risky.
Answer: Yes, but only with large state-owned companies (Gazprom, Rosneft, etc.) and government organizations. The business reputation of our company in the marketing research market is confirmed by the recommendations of our clients and the accreditation of such companies as Vnesheconobank, Sberbank, Rosneft, and the Russian Export Center.
Answer: For 20 years of our work, there was not a single case when the Customer demanded to return the advance after receiving the final report. Proof: no lawsuits (see website Arbitration). There were several cases when we ourselves returned the advance after the start of work (the identified features of the Project did not allow us to perform work on the agreed terms of the Contract).

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